Gay Jeep Safari

We start at 09:00 at the mini golf Yumbo center, from where we start the tour to some hidden corners of the island, far from the usual tourist trails. You really will be impressed of the beauty of the island.

The newest gay Jeep safari, with comfortable Jeeps. Normal seats so don't be scared if you think you will be put in one of those jeep to looks like cattle transport. It is actually a really nice experience to discover the impressive ravines, pine forests, palm trees and amazing views.

When the water level is high enough there is the option to swim in one of the many lakes the island has.

The countryside of the island is everything except what you may expecting when you look from the beach up to the mountains. The flora, the nature, the cultural small villages you pass by, you've got to try it.

You don’t need to worry about food because mid-day we find ourselves a small restaurant in the mountain village of Ayacata where you can enjoy a typical meal from the area, along with a glass of wine, or water in case you don’t want to drink during the daytime.

The absolute fun part is the off-road cross where the dust is blowing around, the wind blows your hair and we queens are loud and can shout as much as we want, because we pretended to be dramatically scared. Believe me it's a absolute must do … wow!
You will see the 'other' Gran Canaria.

And since it is a 100 percent gay trip, you will meet some interesing guys on the road. Enjoy !! Expect to be back in the Yumbo between 16:00 and 17:00.
Gay Jeep Safari Gran Canaria.
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